Joanne Hammick Case Studies

Joanne Hammick, General Manager at The Stratford Manor, Q Hotels RBHQ Hotels

“Best careers lesson ever”

Joanne Hammick, General Manager at The Stratford Manor, Q Hotels, takes a proactive approach when introducing school children to the world of hospitality.

Ahead of the launch of My Hospitality World Warwickshire, Joanne and her team volunteered to attend Shipston High School recently, loaded with enthusiasm Joanne visited the school with an important focus on demonstrating what the hospitality sector has to offer.

Reaching out to school pupils and investing time to show the different career paths is so important, especially at the key stages of their career choices Joanne says. “At first it was quite a daunting thought and where do you start to explain the hundreds of career options? Quite early on into the sessions the pupils had lots of questions which allowed us to adapt the talks to meet their areas of interest”

Members of the Q team also volunteered to join Joanne in career talks and explained their different routes of learning, one being apprenticeships and another a university degree. Both Journeys different but supported whilst working for the hotel.

As a group they continued to talk about the various job roles and different opportunities through a career in hospitality. Joanne brought the talk to life with stories of her travels and created a practical activity for all of the group to get involved with.

The session was fun and engaging as they were shown how to set a formal dinning place and take an order of dinner.

Louise Moorman the Work Related Co-ordinator at Shipston High School, talked about the wonderful feedback from students. Some of the quotes included: ‘Best careers lesson ever,’ ‘I hadn’t thought of doing that’ and ‘I am really going to apply for that apprenticeship.’ Three students have already signed up for many work experience places at the hotel and Joanne will look forward to supporting those students further with their future careers in Hospitality.

Fay Winterburn, Business Skills Advisor for Warwickshire County Council said: “Receiving this kind of feedback from the Pupils at Shipston High school is very rewarding and reassuring that this kind of interaction is effective. Children need to be inspired and having employers like Joanne and her team who can take a little time out of their day is just so valuable. We are really looking forward to seeing lots more of this activity during Warwickshire’s My Hospitality World ”