Fay Winterburn Case Study

Fay Winterburn, Business Skills Advisor for Warwickshire County CouncilWarwickshire County Council

Fay Winterburn, Business Skills Advisor for Warwickshire County Council had supported conversations with hoteliers and had been looking for a usable model to create a series of hospitality activities, when Joanne Hammick from Q-hotels introduced the Institute of Hospitality’s My Hospitality World, the theme sounded perfect and such a great opportunity for Stratford Upon Avon’s Hotelier group and other Warwickshire hotels to benefit from.

With the help from the Institute of Hospitality and a dedicated project team, we have managed to work with our hotel networks and create such a wonderful range of industry led events for pupils of all senior school ages.

From the beginning we knew we wanted this activity to be as inclusive as possible and inviting The Job Centre Plus, Prospects and our local employability programmes to also join in was very important.

With a few weeks to go we already have over 130 pupils attending workshops, we can’t wait to hear some of the feedback and impact this activity has made to their career choices.